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Beauty and Wellness

The three types of beauty and wellness services we offer are laser hair removal, massage therapy, and Ion Cleanse.

Laser hair removal is offered Monday-Friday. Our hours are 1:30pm- 6:00pm every week day.

Massage therapy is offered Monday: 3pm-5pm, Wednesday: 2pm-5pm, Thursday: 2pm-6pm, and Friday: 10:30pm-12:30pm.


Please click below to read more about each individual service. 


Why hide beauty when you can enhance it?  We offer laser hair removal, a proven method to greatly reduce unwanted facial and body hair.  

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy releases tension and stress from tight muscles. It can dramatically reverse damaging physiological effects by lowering heart rate and pressure, improving circulation, raising skin temperature, heightening a sense of well-being, and causing anxiety levels to drop.

Ion Cleanse 

The Ion Cleanse foot bath soothes the body by dissolving pollutant accumulations from everyday life. 

Spider Vein Removal

Spider vein removal can bring relief from cramps, swelling, and pain. Our laser removal treatment is known to see results within weeks and restore quality of life

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